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107 Leaseplans you say? No Problem…

We get commissioned on big project all the time and this larger project involved the creation of over 100 lease plans in one location. Cheyne Court is in heart of Chelsea with it’s super expensive properties so every sq ft is important.  On this project we worked closely with an independent surveyor to create each Land Registry Lease Plan, we have to take in consideration it’s location geographically in relation to rest of the street and also with in the shared chelsea mansion block itself.

We always take great care to ensure our plans are as accurate as possible for submission to land registry. Correct scale is paramount, north sign orientation, what is communal area edged in green and what is owned by each specific flat edged in red.

Do you need a lease plans for similar project size? Then we are best possible choice, with our dedicated team of CAD experts and on site Photoplanners with a super fast 24-48 hour service.

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