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Lasers and Land Registry Lease plans a winning combination

Laser measuring devices are used in several industries like construction, renovation and estate agency as an alternative to a tape measure. Whereas with a tape measure one would need two people to measure a large object like a room with a straight run with no obstructions to stretch the tape, with a laser measuring tool the job can be completed by one operator with just a line of sight.

Laser measuring tools also typically include the ability to produce some simple calculations, such as the area or volume of a room, so this is why we use these devices to ensure complete accuracy when producing your lease plans. Without a laser device the cost of producing a lease plan would be much much higher as we would need to use two people to site survey the property.

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A Land Registry plan, also known as a Title Plan, is a document that provides a visual representation of a property’s boundaries and the extent of the land registered with the Land Registry.

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