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Printing Your Lease Plan to Scale

Once you have approved your lease plan we will print a copy and send it out to you, but if you would like to print your own copies, here is a guide to make sure that it is printed to scale to make sure it is accepted by the Land Registry.

Printer Settings

Make sure that when you print the lease plan that there is no scaling being applied, it has to be printed at actual size and not scaled to fit the paper or shrunk to fit in margins.

Paper Size

Check that the lease plan which you are printing has been drawn for the paper size that you are printing onto. A lease plan drawn for A3 will be out of scale if it’s printed onto A4 paper.

Check The Scale

To ensure that you have printed your lease plan to the correct scale, measure the scale bar – if your lease plan has been correctly printed, the scale bar should measure 5cm exactly.

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