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We do offer a DIY Lease Plan service but wouldn’t recommend you use it…

Photoplan have been producing Land Registry Lease plans almost from the day they were made mandatory in 2003, this has meant that we have a vast knowledge in producing them with over 500 plans produced to date. So it came as a bit of a surprise that some of our competitors started to offer lease plans for only £95 ex vat, this was quite a surprise as lease plans can be very complex and there is often a high chance of them being rejected.

So we would never recommend using our DIY service as the likelihood of rejection will be very very high, our honest advise is to pay for a reputable company like Photoplan to produce them professionally and perform a detailed laser measured site survey. This way you are safe in the knowledge that we will ensure the plans are not rejected and if they are which is less likely, then we will endeavor to get them right for you every time.

For some honest and expert advice please call our friendly knowledgeable staff for advice.

The Photoplan Team – +44 (020) 8960 5180


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