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When will I need a Land Registry Plan?

A Land Registry plan, also known as a Title Plan, is a document that provides a visual representation of a property’s boundaries and the extent of the land registered with the Land Registry. The plan is typically prepared by a surveyor and submitted to the Land Registry along with the application for registration.

While you may not always need a Land Registry plan, there are situations where it can be crucial. Here are some common scenarios where a Land Registry plan would be necessary:

  1. Buying or selling a property: If you’re buying or selling a property, you’ll need a Land Registry plan to establish the property’s boundaries and identify any encroachments or disputes that may affect the title.

  2. Registering a property: If you’re registering a property with the Land Registry for the first time, you’ll need a Land Registry plan to identify the property’s boundaries and ensure that the registration is accurate.

  3. Making changes to a property: If you’re making changes to a property, such as building an extension or installing a fence, you may need a Land Registry plan to ensure that the changes don’t encroach on neighbouring properties or violate any easements or rights of way.

  4. Resolving boundary disputes: If you’re involved in a boundary dispute with a neighbour, a Land Registry plan can help establish the true boundaries of the property and resolve the dispute.

  5. Obtaining planning permission: If you’re applying for planning permission for a property, a Land Registry plan may be required to show the exact location of the property in relation to other properties and boundaries.

In summary, a Land Registry plan is a vital document in many property-related transactions and disputes. If you’re involved in any of the scenarios mentioned above, it’s advisable to obtain a Land Registry plan to ensure that your interests are protected and your property rights are respected.


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